Miami Uber Driver Slapped With $250 Fine For Not Being Able To Speak English

Carmen Echevarria was outside Miami Airport recently when she asked her Uber passenger what a police officer was trying to tell her. Law enforcement was watching her let passengers out at the curb.

The officer then nailed Echevarria, 54, with a hefty $250 fine for allegedly violating a Miami-Dade County ordinance requiring that the cab service drivers speak English, reports Forbes.

In English, Por Favor

As an Uber driver in good standing, Echevarria was upset and felt discriminated against as she spoke to the Telemundo TV network in Spanish. She told the media that she apologized to law enforcement and that she speaks a little English, but the police officer still gave her a fine.

To learn more details and to hear from Ms. Echevarria, click here at CBSMiami.

A Mayor With A Heart

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez is looking into the matter, so it appears that the Uber driver might not have to shell out $250 for the fine. Mayor Gimenez told NBC News that Ms. Echevarria appears to communicate well enough in English to get her passengers to and from the area. He also revealed that he would likely waive the fine and hopefully, the county, Uber and Ms. Echevarria can work out a solution.

Airport Confusing For Some Drivers

The Miami Herald has been covering busy Miami Airport and Uber drivers who drop off and pick up numerous passengers. If an airport were not complicated enough with a huge terminal and tons of curbs, the area is extra confusing for those drivers who might have trouble communicating in English.

Uber Designated Airport Area

Uber is requesting that Miami Airport officials make things a lot easier by sectioning off a holding area where Uber drivers could wait for hails. This move would significantly reduce delays in pick-up times. Uber is also pushing for the famous airport to put up signs that direct passengers where they should wait for an Uber driver.

Uber Or Lyft, Taxis Not Happy

Uber is called a ride-sharing service, and it’s sort of like a taxi, but it’s unique in that Uber is available only through an app which stores your credit card/debit card information. Still, cab companies despise Uber and Uber rivals like Lyft because of the competition between the car services.

By the way, there have been 40 citations issued against Uber drivers who fail to speak English. These citations came from Miami-Dade County and Miami Beach.

Uber Biggest Ride Service In Town

Uber and Lyft have only been legally operating in Miami-Dade County for a little more than one year now. According to the numbers available, Uber’s application with the county was recognized for a fleet between 9,000 and 10,000 vehicles.

When it comes to competition between the two ride-hailing companies, Uber dominates over Lyft.

In the meantime, Uber’s president of six months Jeff Jones has recently resigned amid company scandals. Mr. Jones worked at Uber for the past six months. He was a former Target department store CMO.

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