The Performing Arts Center of Greater Miami will add an architectural landmark and world-class cultural facility to the downtown landscape, enhancing the area’s growing reputation as the Capital of the Americas and a major international center for business, sports, tourism and entertainment.

Designed by world-renowned architect Cesar Pelli, the Center will be the focal point of a planned Arts, Media and Entertainment District in mid-Miami. The complex will be wrapped in limestone; slate, decorative stone, stainless steel, glass curtain walls and tropical landscaping will embellish the exterior of the buildings.

A major new destination point for the community, more than 500,000 people, including 100,00 schoolchildren, will attend the Center’s year-round schedule of performances and activities. Millions more will participate in related events and visit the site annually.

Center components include:

A 2,480-seat Ballet Opera House
A 2,200-seat Concert Hall
A 200-seat Studio Theatre
A central Plaza for the Arts
A restored Art Deco Tower
An Education Center
Banquet Hall and Restaurant
Parking adjacent to both major houses

All spaces in the Center are handicapped accessible.

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